This deliverable summarises the results of the FlexiGroBots project’s stakeholder analysis done in task 2.1. The objective of the analysis was to understand how stakeholders view the project, its objectives, and planned outcomes. The results will guide the FlexiGroBots platform specification work to be done in Task 2.2.

The stakeholder analysis was done using a Google Forms questionnaire with 72 questions addressing the needs and opinions related to the FlexiGroBots project’s objectives and platform features. The questionnaire was distributed using email to project partners and their contacts that were considered relevant for the project. About 60 replies were received and analysed.

The main finding of the analysis was that robots and AI are seen as a natural evolution in the domain of agriculture. Farmers are familiar with using digital tools and robots, and AI services are seen as such. Data spaces and data sharing were seen as tools for achieving higher in-depth situational awareness of the farm through AI services, augmented maps, and advanced analytics services. The future of agriculture and food production is in precision farming and transparency of the food production value chain, and data is the main enabler for them. The survey confirms the main approach in the FlexiGroBots platform. All three main elements: AI services, automation through agricultural robots, and data spaces are relevant in the project use cases and future farming. The analysis of results also clarified the need to take into account the ethical assessment and business modelling aspects in platform specification.

*This Deliverable is pending to be approved by the European Commission*

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