FlexiGroBots envisions an open platform integrating and leveraging existing technology platforms and components, digital transformation initiatives and ecosystems, and reference models and standards.


  • More versatility by using the same robots for different observation and intervention tasks within various missions throughout the crop life cycle
  • More cooperation between ground and aerial robots to accomplish complex missions
  • More data to power into AI-driven agricultural operations, taken from a variety of sources and shared between Agri-Food industry stakeholders
  • More autonomy for real-time adaption of mission plans and robots’ fine-grained behaviour at crop level considering operational conditions and real-time insights
  • More precision in agricultural operations to carry out specific tasks with advanced accuracy for reducing costs and environmental footprint

The FlexiGroBots Platform

FlexiGroBots envisions the creation of a robust platform and data space for enabling missions of fleets of heterogeneous robots for precision agricultural tasks, where any technology provider that implements an International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) compliant connector could participate and where farmers will have full control of the data collected from their fields.