Flexible robots for intelligent automation of precision agriculture operations

FlexiGrobots is an Innovation Action aiming to build a platform for flexible heterogeneous multi-robot systems for intelligent automation of precision agriculture operations, providing multiple benefits to farmers around the world.

Join us on this 36-months journey where also the FlexiGroBots Platform will be validated on three pilots: winegrapes, rapeseeds, and blueberries

Our aim

FlexiGroBots envisions the development of an innovative platform enabling efficient use of novel robotic applications in the agriculture domain. The platform will provide benefits, such as:

  • Versatility for using a specific robotic system to perform different tasks
  • Orchestration of heterogeneous robot cooperation to perform complex tasks
  • Autonomy of robotic systems with advanced capabilities to adapt missions and operations based on real-time data coming from multiple sources
  • Efficient data management, processing, accessibility and utilization in supporting robot operations.
  • Discover the project objectives, architecture, overview of the pilots, requirements, among much other useful information for building FlexiGroBots Platform!
  • Know everything about the first version of the FlexiGroBots Platform and more detailed information about the pilots.
  • On the last year of FlexiGroBots, we will launch the second and third versions of the FlexiGroBots Platform along with the results of the three pilots as Success Stories.
Coordinated by
Atos Spain
Grant Agreement
ICT-46-2020- Robotics in Application Areas and Coordination & Support
Funded under
Start date
1 Jan 2021
End date
31 Dec 2023
Overall budget
€8 154 443, 75
€ 6 994 721