Standardisation Activities

The FlexiGroBots project has to, among its objectives, pay special attention to Portability, Interoperability and the use of Standards.
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Advanced farming machinery in FlexiGroBots

Written by:  Dr. Mikko Hakojärvi, Crop production, Principal designer Mtech Digital Solutions Oy
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FlexiGroBots successfully completed its first field test within the grapevines pilot in Spain

Written by: Angela Ribeiro (Scientific Researcher at Centre for Automation and Robotics (CAR) - CSIC), Joao Valente (Assistant Professor at the Wageningen University & Research), Sergio Alvarez (IT Project Manager at Seresco), and Emilio Canas (Technical and Quality Director at Bodegas Terras Gauda).
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Drones and robots joining forces for the best blueberry yield

Written by: Oskar Marko and Dajana Vujaklija (BioSense Institute)  

Digging Deeper into the Ethics of Robotics and AI

Written by: Moritz Laurer, Andrea Renda, Artur Bogucki, Hieu Nguyen (CEPS, Centre for European Policy Studies) Anyone would want robots to be safe, AI to be trustworth
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FlexiGroBots pilot in Finland is ramping up

The ambitious goal of piloting AI-driven multi-robot fleets and advanced data space concepts is transforming into concrete experiments and demonstrations that are done in real fields and farms