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Beyond FlexiGroBots’ Strategic Business Model

The development of FlexiGroBots posed a concern that once the project reached completion, consortium partners might face hurdles entering the market, engaging with retailers, an

Sustainability and long-term operations: innovating agriculture

Agriculture is one of humanity’s fundamental pillars, providing food and resources essential for our survival.

FlexiGroBots Platfrom v3

FlexiGroBots AI Platform: Pioneering the Future of Smart Agriculture (WP3)The agricultural industry is at the dawn of a transformative revolution, with

Pilot 3 – Demonstrator integration, testing, and deployments

As the project is reaching its final stage, we are shifting from development to testing and deployment of the technologies developed within the past 3 years.

Pilot 2 – Demonstrator integration, testing, and deployments

Pilot 2 use cases: rapeseed pest management, silage harvesting, and Rumex weeding were designed so that the overall mission workflow consists of multiple phases that can be robo
Pilot 1 - Demonstrator integration, testing and deployments.

Pilot 1 - Demonstrator integration, testing and deployments

We are at a key moment for the development of the pilots, the multi-robot scenarios take place in the summer period, and the annual planning has been established to achieve all

Virtual Pilot Demonstrations

FlexiGroBots project implementation is going according to plan and the technology developed within the project is being tested on the fields around Europe, from the Finnish gras
Automated robot/drone collaboration

Automated robot/drone collaboration

The collaboration between aerial drones and ground robots is a key aspect of the Flexigrobots project and a revolutionary step forward in agricultural technology.
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Interview with end-users

We interviewed the Džodan family (🔵) and Terras Gauda (🍇), future end-users of the FlexiGroBots platform.

Interview with Advisory Committee Member

In addition to our research consortium, FlexiGroBots has an external Advisory Committee with four leading experts across the project’s domain.
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FlexiGroBots platform v2

We are pleased to introduce the second version of the FlexiGroBots platform.

Future farming task with robot fleets operating in fields needs flexible coordination

The FlexiGroBots project is about the fleets of autonomous robots doing different tasks in the field, and that fleet will be managed, supervised, and controlled by the mission c
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Geospatial enablers and services

As mentioned by a previous blog post about the FlexiGroBots Platform, the “Geospatial enablers and services” is one of its five main components.
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Farmers and robots: Love (and a maybe drone) is in the air

Robots that help farmers? In harvesting, sowing and supporting the farmer make decisions?
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Pilots progress

Pilots updates
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AI Toolbox & Machine Learning for robotics workloads lifecycle

Due to the war in Ukraine and the global pandemic, agriculture is going through a severe turmoil.
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Ethical and Technical Documentation for Machine Learning with Model Cards and Datasheets

Any digital product is only as good as its documentation.
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Collaboration of UAVs and UGVs for agricultural operations – Part 2

Traditional agriculture is in crisis! The ongoing events like global warming, overpopulation and tragedies such as the war in Ukraine are pushing food prod
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Common Application Services

The previous blog post about the FlexiGroBots Platform mentioned the “Common application services” as o
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FlexiGroBots platform v1

The introduction of new digital technologies in agriculture is transforming the traditional processes and practices that have been used for hundreds of years.