This document gives an overview of Pilot 3, its requirements and technological achievements towards developing flexible robotic solutions for use in high-value crops, i.e., blueberries. Firstly, the document outlines the work plan set in the proposal, which has been refined during the first 12 months of the project.

In concrete, there are 3 use cases that will be covered in Serbia and Lithuania and these include:

  • Data acquisition using UAVs, UGV-mounted equipment, and other sources
  • Data processing using deep learning/image processing algorithms
  • UGV actions - pesticide application and soil sampling

The document provides details about the UAV/UGV equipment that was used for data acquisition and that will be used for these purposes, along with the description of the datasets acquired using this equipment. Regarding the equipment, the Pilot foresees the development of innovative robotic parts for soil sampling and pesticide application. Their requirements and current status of their development have been elaborated in the corresponding section, while for both UAVs and UGVs, a precise pipeline was defined that the pilot will follow in terms of data acquisition and operation of the robots. The methodology defined in this way will ensure the highest standards of operation and a clear and feasible pipeline for the development of the technology.

*This Deliverable is pending to be approved by the European Commission*

Work Package
WP6 Pilot 3 - Blueberries. Set up and assessment
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