This deliverable reports on the various dissemination and communication activities between January (M1) and November 2021 (M11), that have been performed by the project, and/or where partners have participated, as part of the dissemination and communication plans presented at D7.1 and D7.2 respectively. The deliverable compiles all the activities between M1 and M11. The activities corresponding to December 2021 (M12) will be included in posterior reports informing on the activities done within Year 2.

The activities comprised in this deliverable represent a joint effort of the consortium to increase the visibility of the project among targeted stakeholders as it was defined on the first phase of the communication plan. All of the activities performed represent a step forward into positioning FlexiGroBots as an innovative project with a valuable offer for roboticists, engineers, service providers, and farmers to deploy flexible heterogeneous multi-robot systems that will contribute to empowering the Agri-Food sector in Europe.

*This Deliverable is pending to be approved by the European Commission*

Work Package
WP7 - Dissemination and exploitation
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