An appropriate and well-defined communication strategy is of paramount importance to maximize the impact of the project. It has been designed together with the plans for dissemination, training, standardization, and exploitation.

Communication means taking strategic and targeted measures for promoting the action itself and its results to a multitude of audiences, including the media and the public, and possibly engaging in a two-way exchange. The document presents the FlexiGroBots project’s communication plan, including the goals and methods for the outreach activities and the material that has been prepared to be shared with the target audiences. The branding produced by the FlexiGroBots consortium is also presented.

D7.2 also defines the instruments that will be used during the project execution to reach the target audiences and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that the consortium aims to achieve. The commitment of all the partners with the communication activities is demonstrated with the inclusion of specific individual plans.

This document will be updated three times on an annual basis, including also KPIs and main outcomes achieved during each period through deliverables D7.10, D7.11 and D7.12.

*This Deliverable is pending to be approved by the European Commission*

Work Package
WP7 - Dissemination and exploitation
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