FlexiGroBots has a number of deliverables that must be achieved during the lifetime of the project. The following deliverables will be published:

WP1 Project Coordination

WP2 Requirements, architecture and standardisation

WP3 Platform development

WP4 Pilot 1 - Grapevines. Set up and assessment

WP5 Pilot 2 - Rapeseeds. Set up and assessment

WP6 Pilot 3 - Blueberries. Set up and assessment

WP7 - Dissemination and exploitation

  • D7.8 Project sustainability and long-term operation plan Final Dec 2023

    This deliverable, with two editions, will include the design of an ambitious plan for the sustainability and long-term operation of the solutions developed within the project, focusing on ensuring pilot operations beyond the scope of the project.
  • D7.9 Report on ethical AI in Agri-Food Dec 2023

    A consolidated synopsis report containing horizontal lessons learned and recommendations, to be distributed via different online communication channels and a dedicated event.