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Bodegas Terras Gauda, SA was founded in 1990 to produce white wines with native varieties under DO Rías Baixas, one of the five DD.OO. of Galicia, Spain. The DO Rias Baixas currently has more than 200 wineries, among which Terras, as a private company, is the number one in volume and annual turnover. In addition to its participation in numerous national projects, Terras has experience in participating in European projects, combining advances in research with national and international expansion. Terras currently farms around 120 ha of vineyards in the DO Rias Baixas with different plantation frameworks, as well as vineyards located on gentle slopes, on plains or on steep slopes.


Within FlexiGroBots, Terras is involved on the use case related to vineyards with a special focus on the demonstration on the specific plots for the development of the pilot where the effectiveness of ground robots and drones will be verified, and their comparison with control plots. TERRAS also participates in defining the requirements. Furthermore, it actively participates in the evaluation and validation of the pilot.