A top-class university, ranking among the world's leading institutions in the food, agriculture and environmental domains. Within WUR, the Information Technology Group is doing research on the topics of smart systems development, and system-of-systems engineering. In this context, they focus on software engineering, robotics, data science, and socio-technical systems. In the last years, the group has rapidly grown and developed a solid research agenda on smart systems engineering which is also aligned with the Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing Facility (UARSF) and the Social Artificial Intelligent Drones (SAID) Lab of Wageningen University and Research.


WUR contributes to the UAVs perception and decision support system developing vision-based artificial intelligence and data-driven approaches for the early detection of Botrytis cinerea within Pilot 1 - Vineyards. Also, contributes to the platform requirements and architecture; pilots methodology, alignment and follow-up; and to several tasks in WP3 due to its experience in aerial mission planning, optimal image acquisition with multiple UAVs, image data pre-processing, very high-resolution images generation. Finally, WUR leads dissemination task.