Zeleni hit offers services in the areas of horticulture and arable farming, contributing to R&D in fruit, vegetable, flower, herb and arable production. The company helps farms in increasing the yields, crop resistance and sustainability. Zeleni hit offers the services of planning, operating and monitoring all activities on the field, and operates state-of-the-art farms equipped with latest technologies for fertiliser and pesticide application and harvesting, where its R&D activities take place. These farms will be used for testing the technologies developed in FlexiGroBots project.


Zeleni hit serveS as the pilot demonstrator for technologies developed within Pilot 3. Its blueberry farm will host the agricultural UGVs and UAVs developed by BioSense and Art21. Also, Zeleni hit’s experiences and the domain expertise will be crucial for setting up the experiments along with the production constraints and specific requirements.