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A research and development Institute for information technologies in biosystems, which cross-fertilizes two most promising sectors in Serbia: ICT and agriculture. They perform interdisciplinary research in the areas of sensor design, robotics, remote sensing, big data and biosystems, with a common goal to increase European food security and sustainability of agriculture. With over 30 H2020 projects, BioSense is the regional leader, and through ANTARES Teaming project it is on its way to becoming the European Centre of Excellence for IT in sustainable agriculture.


Within Pilot 3 - Blueberries, BioSense is responsible for providing the robotics platform and developing its additional functionalities, in order to successfully perform field operations. The Institute is also involved in activities that include data analytics and image processing, such as yield prediction, management zone delineation and weed detection. In this way, BioSense contributes to FlexiGroBots in every stage of robots’ involvement, from soil sampling and pre-sowing fertiliser application, through vegetation monitoring, all the way to the harvest and preparation for the next season.