The main mission of deliverable D3.1 is to present the initial version of the components that compose the FlexiGroBots platform, being the first outcome of WP3 -Platform development. Two more versions of the deliverable will be published during the execution of the project: D3.2 in December 2022 (M24) and D3.3 in December 2023 (M36). The three deliverables correspond to the main releases of the FlexiGroBots platform’s components software prototypes, but descriptive reports have been also prepared to explain the work done during the development process and the achieved results.

FlexiGroBots platform is devoted to enabling the usage of flexible and heterogeneous multi-robot systems for intelligent automation of precision agriculture operations. The platform considers by design the creation of an embryonic Agriculture Data Space (ADS) to support robotics missions leveraging the vision of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and the existing building blocks already implemented by its community. The ADS will support the three pilots to realize a data value chain that maximizes synergies, collaboration, and trading around data, while ensuring data sovereignty, data governance and security in data sharing/exchange across companies, domains and international borders. The key Data Space building blocks will be extended and particularised for the needs and requirements of the stakeholders and systems participating normally in the usage of robotics systems for precision agriculture.

*This Deliverable is pending to be approved by the European Commission*

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WP3 Platform development
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