This document presents the works carried out in Pilot 1 in the first year of the project, referring to task T4.1 Pilot objectives, requirements and design. The objectives are set out, the scenarios and use cases are detailed, as well as the functional and non-functional requirements, the KPIs to be achieved, and the data sets to be used and generated according to the case. The robotic elements and UAVs, as well as the different devices involved in the development of the pilot, are also described. The technical design of the pilot and the requirements of the FlexiGroBots platform are detailed, in order to ensure the coordinated development of the common platform. Also, the results of the first works and field tests are presented, as well as the next steps in the works of the task. The deliverable ends with a section of conclusions.

Until the moment, the first round of datasets has been collected during the harvesting campaign of 2021. There, all the partners of Pilot 1 met and executed UAV flights and UGV surveys of the field. Positive results regarding the harvest assistance provided by the UGV were obtained. Finally, during that meeting, many dissemination activities were carried out to foster the visibility of the FlexiGroBots project.

*This Deliverable is pending to be approved by the European Commission*

Work Package
WP4 Pilot 1 - Grapevines. Set up and assessment
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