The FlexiGrobots Virtual Demonstration is an online event aimed at showcasing the latest technologies developed and utilized within our pilot project. One of the key goals of this event is to facilitate the transfer of these technologies from our project consortium partners to relevant partners in the fields of industry, technology development, and agriculture.

We organized three different events dedicated to our pilots. The first one was dedicated to grapevines where we presented our developed robots and platforms and their capacity and versatility to detect and control disease in vineyards as well as to autonomously transport the grapes. The second one was dedicated to the innovative application of robotics in the field of rapeseed. Finally, the third one was dedicated to blueberries where DIHs had the opportunity to see how we use UGV and UAVs technologies for soil sampling, and weed spraying and how we do different analyses and yield prediction of blueberries.

The next Virtual demonstrations will be held in November and all interested participants who did not attend to previous one will have the opportunity to register for these ones.