Vienna, Austria

FlexiGroBots partner IDSA organized Data Spaces Discovery Days in Vienna, where FlexiGroBots project development has also been mentioned. 

The Data Spaces Discovery Day in Vienna represented a significant milestone, affirming Austria's pivotal role in the realms of the economy and digitalization. Esteemed experts from diverse fields, along with data enthusiasts, gathered at the Palais Hansen Kempinski. Efforts were made to bridge the gap between theory and practical applications. The comprehensive agenda highlighted the multifaceted and substantial potential of data spaces in driving innovation across various industries.

Participants were immersed in practical guidance for translating business scenarios into impactful data space implementations. They delved into specific data spaces that are shaping the future of mobility and tourism, with a particular focus on Catena-X and Cofinity-X, two pivotal ecosystems within the automotive supply chain.

The Data Spaces Discovery Day in Vienna wasn't merely an event; it stood as a testament to the profound impact of DataSpaces. With each presentation, workshop, and interaction, the path toward sovereign data sharing became clearer. It was a day of enlightenment, connections, and, most importantly, a collective stride toward shaping our data-driven world.