Bled, Slovenia

At The 17th International Symposium on Operations Research which was held from 20-22. September 2023 in Bled, Slovenia, BIO partners presented some of the results from the FlexiGroBots project, entitled “Bush Detection for Vision-based UGV Guidance in Blueberry Orchards: Data Set and Methods”. The work was presented at The 5th Precognition workshop that was organized within the conference.


'SOR' stands as the foremost scientific event in the realm of operations research, part of the established series of biennial international conferences organized by the Slovenian Society Informatika, Section of Operations Research. This event maintains a lineage of symposia that has continually garnered an expanding international audience since its inception.

SOR serves as a global platform for the exchange of scientific insights at the cutting edge of operations research (OR) across disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, economics, engineering, education, environmental studies, and computer science. Given that OR encompasses a diverse array of mathematical, statistical, and information-based theories and methodologies for analyzing intricate scenarios and contributing to responsible decision-making, planning, and the efficient allocation of resources, we anticipate a growing demand for these approaches in an increasingly complex world with limited natural resources, across various sectors of our society.