AgriFood Forum 2021 organized by Agrifood DIH Lithuania and the European Parliament (Liaison Office in Lithuania) aims to introduce innovative new activities, solutions, and strategies to accomplish the Green Deal goals, all of which are based on healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable food systems. The Forum will educate the community about the importance of collaborating to improve how to produce, consume, and think about food.

CoRoSect project is co-organizing a one-hour panel discussion title: "Working side by side with agrifood robots - opportunities and challenges". The goal behind is to explore and discuss the promise of agrifood robotics with key representatives of projects funded under ICT-46-2020 (Robs4Crops, CoRoSect, FlexiGroBots, Canopies, and the Robotics4EU CSA) and also explore synergies between these projects. 

Daniel Calvo Alonso, Head of the AI, Data and Robotics unit at Atos, and FlexiGroBots Project Coordinator will participate on behalf of the project with a 5-mins presentation introducing the objectives and expected outcomes of the project followed by intervention at the panel discussion.

The session will take place on November 25th at 12:20.