Brussels, Belgium

The AI Act is approaching completion, and the EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI have been in place for over four years. It's now essential to assess the EU's approach to trustworthy AI, which is beginning to manifest in EU policy. For instance, funding programs are now mandating trustworthy AI as a prerequisite for applicants. Furthermore, on the global stage, the EU's approach has gained widespread recognition, from the OECD to the G7 and the Global Partnership on AI. However, there is a need for a more detailed discussion on how the practical implementation of trustworthy AI will vary across different domains.

The event, part of the three-year FlexiGroBots project, highlights the establishment of standards to support the AI Act's implementation. The agricultural context provides ample room for debate and mirrors the wide array of applications that necessitate consideration in guidelines, regulations, and standards for trustworthy AI.