Hotel Jugoslavija, Belgrade

Organised by Biosense, Zeleni hit and the Institute for Science Application in Agriculture (IPN), the "First conference of the berry fruits agrobusiness sector“ will be held on Friday, March 4th, 2022 in the Hotel Jugoslavija, Belgrade.

The aim of the conference is to point out to farmers, refrigerators and experts in the field of fruit growing the importance and potential that the Republic of Serbia has in the production of berries using the latest trends and technologies in the market.

The participants of the conference will be introduced to the importance of the application of modern technologies in the production of berries, as well as the economic analysis of this production.

The lecturers are eminent experts from Serbia, the Netherlands and Spain, in the field of berry production and "smart" agriculture such as Koppert Biological Systems and Daymsa. In addition to the lectures, an exhibition of products from successful manufacturers, as well as the organizers themselves, will be organized.

From the FlexiGroBots consortium the following partners are participating as lecturers:

  • MSc.Nevena Momirovic - Zeleni hit
  • Prof. dr Nebojsa Momirovic - Zeleni hit
  • Prof. dr Vladimir Crnojević - Biosense Institute 
  • Doctor Oskar Marko - Biosense Institute 

Registration is required to assist this event.