Tampere, Finland

KoneAgria is a diversified exhibition for agricultural professionals organised in cooperation with ProAgria and the European Federation of Agricultural Exhibitions and Show Organisers.

The program at KoneAgria 2021 is built in such a way that agricultural and forestry professionals can find a lot of content and practical experience that strengthens their profitability. These include generational change, investment, grazing, smart farming, and the European Community's CAP, which has a strong impact. The days are themed, so you can schedule your visit to suit you best. The program is offered on the Main Stage and the Metsälehti Stage. 

Madis Lemsalu from LUKE presented the EFDI-controlled UGV platform related to FlexiGroBots. 

Moreover, MTECH Digital Solutions (MTE), had a booth during the exhibition where the project was represented and there was engagement with various target audiences and external stakeholders such as farming professionals, advisors, politicians, and the general public. 

Check the booth below!

MTE Booth