The Maatila 2030 project organised on November 30th, 2021, a webinar titled "Farm from the Air" with the aim to share how drones and satellites can be used in agriculture and how a farmer can benefit from them.

The webinar introduced current information, new methods and future prospects, through the following presentations where FlexiGroBots was introduced as an example of a project using drones for optimising daily farm tasks for enabling precision agriculture operations:

  • "Current themes in drone projects" by Panu Korhonen & project partners in Luke and the Spatial Data Center
    Download the presentation HERE - Only available in Finnish
  • "Drones as part of farm automation, ¿are spraying drones part of future?" by Jere Kaivosoja from Luke
    Download the presentation HERE - Only available in Finnish


The Maatila 2030 (Farm 2030) project brings together the main players in natural resources in the Northern Savo region have formed a co-operation network. In this network, they create an e-learning environment in which agricultural and rural entrepreneurs and other operators can upgrade their skills. The beneficiaries study on an e-learning platform and participate in short training sessions. The objective is to create a model of continuous learning which is not bound to a specific time or place.

The projects partners are Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Upper Savo Vocational Collage, Savo Vocational Collage and Natural Resources Institute Finland. The Maatila 2030 project is funded by the European Social Fund.