Robotics4EU and AgriFood Lithuania DIH have organized the third workshop on non-technological challenges of robotics in the agri-food sector. The discussion focused on:

  • Social challenges posed by robotization (most pressing issues and perceptions that can act as a hurdle in the adoption of robotic solutions);
  • How social acceptance can be accelerated;
  • Where primary resistance is located.

Members of the FlexiGroBots project, Dr. Artur Bogucki from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and Dr. Oskar Marko from the BioSense Institute, were speakers at the workshop.

Dr. Artur Bogucki talked about perception as a factor in agricultural technology implementation. In other words, how humans and, subsequently societal perception of technology, impacts the real-life use and adaptation of said technology. He also touched upon how to use behavioral economics to scale innovation.

On the other hand, Dr. Oskar Marko was spoke on the rapid digital transformation in agriculture, accelerated by the uptake of robotics in field operations. The talk included the presentation of the FlexiGroBots project, select operations in blueberry fields and the impact that this transformation will have on society.