VELES tends to foster innovation excellence in Southeast EU by establishing a sustainable innovation ecosystem, centered around a Regional Smart Health Data Space. This initiative encompasses a comprehensive strategy, framework, and action plan to implement secure digital solutions in healthcare. VELES will showcase the Regional Smart Health Data Space through four interrelated initiatives focusing on cancer treatment, personalized/precision medicine for Alzheimer’s, cerebral tumors, and dementia. The project’s goal is to promote regional and national health data sharing strategies, improve clinical practice, and empower citizens with access to innovative and secure digital health services.

Starting from the concept of the Minimum Viable Dataspace (MVDS) International Data Spaces Association aims to facilitate the work of experimenters by shortening the implementation time where the development team can iterate, identify and respond to the assumptions about the requirements of the data space.

Carlos Cob from ATOS participated in this event as a speaker to introduce FlexiGroBots to the audience and, more specifically, to describe his experience implementing (and further extending) a Minimum Viable Data Space in the context of the project.